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Testimonials - Tanya

When I first started training with Joe at the beginning of this year, I could just about walk at a reasonable pace - from my car to the shops! Joe introduced me to 4 weeks nutrition & lifestyle diary and most importantly how to become fitter and healthier. I started to see quick results because Joe knew how to push me. After only 2 months of training twice a week with him and once or twice on my own, together with a healthier diet I've lost more than 2 stone, dropped 2 dress sizes and feel fitter and have more energy than ever! I worked hard in between sessions (spinning and body pump classes) so I could keep up the pace when training with him.

My health and fitness levels have improved and clothes that were getting too tight are fitting properly again.

I can't recommend Joe highly enough to anyone who feels they've tried everything else. He has a unique ability to get the most out of you during a training session, so when you think you can’t possibly do one more exercise he shows you that you can! He won’t accept excuses, but always understands how scary it can be to push yourself physically. Joe’s light-touch style of encouragement and his easy-going personality means that the sessions are fun. I have learned new ways to train which keeps me interested, and I am always confident I am doing the exercises in the right way. The fitness tests and the interim goals Joe set means I always have something to aim for. I am always looking forward to my next training sessions.

Joe’s knowledge, skills, professionalism and encouragement has inspired me to achieve a new level of fitness. With Joe’s help, in total I have lose over 7 stone of weight!! I feel fitter, healthier and better able to deal with the challenges ahead.

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