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Holistic Health & Fitness

Get to know your holistic health practitioner 

Joe has over 10 years experience in the leisure industry and is an expert in the fields of holistic lifestyle coaching, corrective exercise proscription and high-performance strength and conditioning. Joe’s approach has changed the lives of hundreds of clients. By holistically assessing his client as an individual and considering the body as a “system of systems,”..........

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Book yourself for a Holistic Assessment 

This Holistic Assessment is a system that recognises that each client is completely individual and requires a unique approach even if their symptoms and problems appear to be the same as others. There are many factors to be considered when developing a health & fitness program, all of which are covered within the Holistic Assessment, essentially leaving 'no stone unturned'. This approach has allowed me to help literally hundreds of clients become functionally pain free and reach their health and fitness goals..........

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