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Testimonials - Samantha

Your probably thinking another profile of a personal trainer, whats different about this person to other personal trainers in a gym? You have to try it to experience the unfolding changes! I remember the first meeting which was an assessment, now I realise the importance of this session and for the need of the process to start with evaluation and action needed for changes to take place.The assessment looked closely at the body internally and externally, history of diet, exercise and lifestyle. At the time I was unaware of all the above and how this was effecting my health. The effects had taken its toll and my left ankle had a fracture due to the knee not being aligned with the ankle which Joe brought to my attention.

The changing process for me started mentally that day. Thankfully I found a good personal trainer Joe Creek, who looked at my condition scientifically performing observations and testing the soundness of conclusions (assisted by expert knowledge). Body stats (measurements) were conducted, followed by diet and nutritional advice. My diet for many years consumed of high intakes of sugar. Joe had informed me my body had learned to cope with high sugar intake. I began a four week food diary, consisting of fresh organic food, rich in omega 3 fish, fruit and vegetables, no caffeine and definitely no sugar. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates together producing a healthy diet, and corrective exercises which are essential for my well being. Over the course of nine weeks, Joe sent emails and charts of set exercise plans done in lessons, nutritional advice and healthy lifestyle changes needed to incorporate the healing process, mentally and physically.

At the initial beginning my ankle/leg had been fractured due to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of corrective exercise and good nutrition. I was in and out of hospital, with M.R.I scans and blood tests. Without needing a plaster cast for my fracture to heal, Joe's support and advice turned this all around and my ankle healed within four weeks from the start of the assessment. I am very thankful I have found a great personal/lifestyle coach and holistic trainer Joe Creek. The training and learning process have been invaluable to my health, appearance and wellbeing. The time and effort invested is priceless to me as the results have been extremely worthwhile.

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