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The Truth About Nutrition - Aspartame

Did you know the food and drug administration companies deal with more complaints from Aspartame than any other food additive, colouring or preservative. In fact its about 85% of all there complaints comes from Aspartame. All these chemicals are generally recognised as safe and tend to remain that way  until they are linked to major diseases like cancer and kill loads of people. But even before these chemical are removed from a generally recognised as safe category extensive research must be undertaken to make sure they should be withdrawn from the market.  Well it takes lots of money for an independent researcher to fund the kind of research needed to demonstrate the real threat from chemicals like Aspartame 

Aspartame is a artificial sweetener used in so called 'diet' fizzy drinks. These products distribute all over the world and have massive control on the markets making it near impossible to change anything. When you consume artificial sweeteners your taste buds tell you sweet foods have arrived which then sends a message to the brain that nutrition has arrived. But, in fact when the food reaches the small intestine, the receptors find no nutrition. This then send a message to the brain telling you there is no nutrition. As a result the the part of your brain that triggers satiety which is called the appestat, sends a message to keep eating because we need more 'real'  nutrition to help process all this fake food and keep your body functioning. This is a process that keeps overweight people hungry and eating more than they need to. My advice is to stop consuming artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and let your body  recognise what 'real'  nutrition is. This will give you more energy, reduce unwanted symptoms and help you achieve optimal health and well-being. This is a global problem but YOU can make a difference by making the right choice and avoiding these chemicals today! For more information on achieving your optimal health and well-being book yourself in for a Initial Consultation. This will show you where to start!

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