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How To Correctly Set Up Your Spin Bike

Spin bikes are designed to fit all shapes, sizes and abilities. Getting your bike set up correct is the single most important aspect when taking part in a spin class. Thinking about it, your usually fixed to the bike for at least 40 minutes during a class, if you was to get the position wrong this would effect your range of movement, range of performance and even cause pain!

The spin bike allows you to adjust seat height, handlebar height and the forward back position of the seat. it is very important you adjust all three of these positions to create the prefect first and ride experiences during tour spin class. With the correct bike set up you will get the full benefits of the spinning program and minimise the risk of injury. If you are new to Spin classes, be sure to arrive to class at least 15 minutes early to discuss bike safety and setup with myself.

Seat Height

Adjusting your bike’s seat height is a simple way to improve the comfort and safety of your ride. It’s easy to determine the right height—simply place your feet in the toe cages or clip into the pedals and rotate the pedals until one leg reaches the bottom of the pedal stroke. Image the hands of a clock, the pedal should be down at the 6 o'clock position and feet should be parallel with the floor. Make sure there is a 25-35 degree bend in the lower knee. If you don't understand degrees, then simply keep a little bend in the knee as the leg is moving round during your pedal stoke. Your knee should not lock out at at any point during the movement.

Forward Back Seat Position

The seat also adjusts forward and backward, so that your knees will be properly aligned relative to your feet. Sit on the saddle in riding position, with your hands

on the handlebars and the balls of your feet over the center of the pedals. Then position the pedals so they’re level with each other, 3 and 9 o'clock, parallel to the floor. check the  forward leg for the correct alignment. Picture an imaginary line (or have someone hold a plumb line) from the front of your kneecap straight down. Your seat is in the right position when your knee cap is directly above the center of the pedal.

Handlebar Height

Adjust the handlebars to a position that is comfortable and limits unnecessary strain on your neck and back. If you do suffer from any neck tension or back pain, please let me know prior to the class. I can also book you for a one to one assessment and then build a corrective plan reducing pain and rehabilitating any injuries. 

Foot Position

If toe cages and straps are used, be sure to align the ball of your foot over the center of the pedal. This is the firmest, widest striking surface on your foot and therefore the most efficient and comfortable foot position.

if clip less pedals are used, check the cleat tension on the pedals and make sure that your cleats are aligned properly on your shoes. Some cyclists prefer to mount the cleats on their cycle shoes so that the ball of the foot is slightly forward or behind the centre of the pedal.

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